How to Winterize Your Storage Shed

Winters in Hendersonville and Asheville NC can get pretty brutal. As weather patterns across the country change, what was once considered the temperate South now brings blustery winds, snow and ice that would feel at home during the Northern winter months.

Whether you have a storage shed, hunting cabin or man cave on your property, you’re going to want to secure the contents from the elements. Even if you occasionally heat the inside of your storage barn, many of your yard, hunting and hobby tools and trimmings require a little extra maintenance to make it safely through the cold months of winter.

Delivered with Warranties

Checking the roof on your shed is one of the first tasks to complete as part of your storage barn winterization process. When you rent to own a delivered storage shed, man cave or hunting cabin from a reputable dealer like Carolina Storage Solutions, you can choose from a number of options for roofs and siding, all of which come with variable warranties. For example:

• The Board & Batten line of sheds comes with architectural shingles that carry a lifetime warranty.
• A metal or shingle roof on the LP SmartSide line has a 30-year warranty on the roof.
• Modular, L-shaped and shed row barns all come assembled with a lifetime warranty on the architectural shingles.

Even though you’ve got this great coverage, keep your storage shed in the best possible shape by clearing overhanging branches that can cause excessive pressure on the roof when they’re laden with heavy snow.

Hold a Man Cave Weekend Cleanup

Before winter really hits in the mountains outside Hendersonville or Asheville NC, use a winterizing process to give your hunting cabin or storage barn a good cleaning. Take everything out of your shed, sweep and discard broken and useless debris and tools. Make sure your garden materials are in air-tight containers so that infringing rodents stay out of them.

Once your shed is clean, put all your items back in an orderly fashion so they’re handy when you open up your shed for spring. Dry off all your tools after cleaning and place them on hooks or shelves. Drain all hoses, pipes and other equipment that are filled with water or gasoline. You may know the dangers of burst pipes, but fuel left in power tools can cause build-up that makes them difficult to start come spring.

Heating for Winter Enjoyment

Talk to the experts at Carolina Storage Solutions about adding an electrical package to your delivered man cave if you want to use it all year long. Throughout Western North Carolina, as in Hendersonville and Asheville NC, bitter winds can make it difficult to spend quality time in an unheated storage barn during the winter months.

A small, portable space heater can suffice if you work in your storage shed in winter. Even with a gathering of the guys, your man cave in the winter will be comfortable with just an electrical space heater. Monitor your heater, though, and never leave it unattended. The best space heaters today are relatively quiet and energy-efficient, especially when coupled with a storage shed that comes with insulated siding.

Many of the sheds delivered by Carolina Storage solutions come fully insulated. Decide on all the options you want when you order. Then you can enjoy your outdoor space in all types of weather.