A Clean Horse Barn for Equestrian Care

Someone once said owning a horse equals happiness. Keeping your barn in good shape is essential to responsible equestrian care. We’ve listed a few tips on horse barn maintenance to help you get the most pleasure out of owning a horse through simple maintenance of your prefabricated barn.


Roof. Grab a ladder and climb onto the roof (be careful!) to repair any storm damage. Clean the gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes.

Walls. Inspect exterior and interior walls. If you’ve got a horse that kicks, you’ll need to take care of damage inside his stall. Not only could he get cut on exposed metal, but holes in the walls can be an entryway for pests.

If your horse barn is metal, consider power washing the exterior to get rid of any mold buildup. You’ll need a water supply nearby, of course.

Take note of any holes at the base of the walls, inside and out, and fill them with gravel. If they were caused by rats or groundhogs, you’ll have to handle that problem as well, because they’ll only dig new ones. If the holes were caused by erosion, you may need to do a little grade work to build berms or cut ditches. Be sure to reseed the disturbed land and fence it off from animals until the grass is sprouted and well-established.

Moving inside the building, all interior walls (and ceilings) need to be swept free of cobwebs and dirt. Wear a bandana or mask to keep from breathing in so much dust.

Doors and Windows. With the freezing and thawing temperatures that come with winter, this fall is the ideal time to inspect all the doors and windows of the barn. Perform any necessary repairs, and give all the hinges a squirt of WD-40 so they won’t get stiff and inoperable over winter.

Floors. Whether you’ve got a cement foundation with rubber mats, or an ordinary dirt floor in the barn, fall is the time to shovel and rake the stalls thoroughly. Add a fresh layer of sawdust or straw, and watch your sweet equine friend’s happy reaction.

These are pretty basic tips on fall barn maintenance. If you don’t really have a place to keep a horse, we can help. Carolina Storage Solutions sells more high-quality, prefabricated barns in the greater Asheville, NC are than anyone else. Give us a call today for more information!