Enjoying the Fall Leaves from My She Shed

There’s nothing like taking a little time to enjoy the beauty of fall. Some people might find this season depressing, because it shouts winter’s imminence. But not me. I love every season and the positive things they all represent. For me, fall is a season of cooling temps after summer’s sweltering heat, as well as a season of beauty. Perhaps Albert Camus said it best. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”


When we moved to this house, we inherited the ugliest, most dilapidated storage shed in the history of mankind. That thing was nothing but a rust bucket with walls held together by not much more than wishful thinking. The cheap sliding doors had given up years ago, and the roof was basically a sieve. It had to go. There wasn’t one positive thing about the shed, except a good, level foundation.

I’d read about She Sheds and had seen a few in magazines, and at a couple of girlfriends’ houses. They were pretty cool. I imagined having my own private retreat outside the house, a place where I could work on my crafts or have girls night, or even an affordable alternative to the usual dinner-n-movie date night with my husband. The idea simmered on a back burner for a couple years, until we moved and I decided the eyesore in the back yard had to go.

My husband is a busy man. It’s not that he didn’t want to build me a new shed. He simply had no time. So I hosted a “Death to the Shed” girls day. With power screwdrivers, leather work gloves for all and a couple of ladders, we had it and the warped plywood floor dismantled and safely stacked in the back of a friend’s truck in no time.

All I really had to do then was pick out a replacement shed. I chose a style and colors to match the house, as well as a few upgrades like window and door styles that appealed to me. After the shed arrived and upfitted with electricity and cable, I made it homey with furniture and decorations.

Now I’m having coffee, enjoying the beautiful fall colors and crisp weather from my wonderful She Shed. You, too can do the same. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds than anyone in the Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. Call them today!