Metal Garages Are for More than Just Cars

Although many people see a metal garage as nothing more than an ordinary carport, think outside the box. Metal garages can give you precious extra space for…well, whatever you need. Because metal garages are available in a huge variety of styles and sizes, there’s sure to be one to suit your tastes and needs. Here are some interesting alternative uses we’ve seen for steel garages.

Hobby Home. Some hobbies don’t really need to be kept inside your house, especially the messy ones like pottery and woodworking. A metal garage would offer a convenient, sheltered alternative. No more wood dust on the kitchen countertops or paint on the hardwood floors!

Mechanic’s Workshop. There’s a longstanding joke about the wife coming in from work to find a transmission in the bathtub. Keep your love of all things mechanical in a workshop. It’ll make life easier with the Missus, we promise.

Music Studio. How many of us formed (very) amateur rock bands as teenagers? It’s a wonder our parents’ ears weren’t bleeding from all that enthusiastic, but untalented, music. Now that your own kids are into a cacophony of music, save yourself a migraine and turn a metal garage into a music studio. You can customize the building with sound panels, add windows for natural light, extra electrical outlets to make it just right.

Man Cave. Sometimes a man needs a place to call your own, outside the confines of the house proper. A Man Cave is where we men can hang our deer heads, kick back and watch the game with buddies. A metal garage would work perfectly. And ladies need She Sheds to do…well whatever it is women do when they get together. Talk, mostly.

Home Office. Don’t throw away money renting office space in town, when you can turn a steel garage into a comfortable home office, complete with great windows, hinged doors, insulation, heat and AC. Clients will love your new office!

Whatever your needs are for additional space, metal garages will help. If cash is tight, consider taking advantage of rent-to-own payment plans to get the building you need on an affordable budget. Carolina Storage Solutions can help get the garage you need, delivered right to your door. We serve the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Give us a call today for more information!