Modular Horse Barns, It’s all in the Details

When you decide to own a horse one of the first decisions you will face is shelter and the choices can be confusing. Should you go with a steel building, pole building or a modular barn? That answer will depend on several different factors and you will need to weigh them all, but this article is to make you aware of the construction, safety and affordability of modular horse barns.

Construction, a modular barn needs to be built to withstand the stress of delivery and set up. These barns are built in sections and more material is used in each section to make them sturdy enough to travel down the highway.   Materials include 6×6 pressure treated base rails, sawn oak framing, board and batten siding, 30 year roof shingles to name a few. This type of construction also allows for a wider selection of features and models. The end result is a more sturdy building that can be delivered right to your site and much less time on that site by the construction crews.

Cost, one of the biggest arguments against choosing a modular horse barn is that you are not really saving money. Sometimes that is true, modular buildings are built in a yard and shipped to the site. This really saves on construction cost but sometimes, when you add construction extras like site preparation (which you will have done anyway) or a crane the total end cost can be as much as a stick built horse barn.  The answer here is value, the total value of the end product. You get a building superior in construction as mentioned above on a well prepared site, an investment that will last for many many years. And did I mention the construction crew is on-site only a day or two verses many weeks?

Choice, there is more to a modular horse barn than a square box. You have many style choices including everything from the basic Run-in Shed through Shed Row, Lean-to, single level, and multi-level loft type barns. You can choose the number of stalls, the width of the center aisle, sliding doors, swing doors, optional exterior finishes, you get the idea. Choice and options are a big factor in selecting the type of horse barn you want.

Service, with a stick built barn you hire a contractor to tackle and organize the project.  Many times subcontractors are used for parts of the project which in turn leads to the many issues involved with the contractor subcontractor relationship.  Also, should something go wrong in the future who will be responsible?   With a delivered modular horse barn you will most likely work through a dealer.  One person with one point of accountability and they will have the full weight of the barn manufacturer behind them. They will be able to supply customer service more quickly and satisfactorily than the hassle of going through contractors and subcontractors.

So there you have it, all the important bases are covered. I’m sure I made a convincing argument for considering a modular barn delivered to your site. I covered construction, materials, cost, choices, options, and customer service.  I know you have many choices when it comes to your horses and I hope a modular horse barn will be one of them.