Popular Horse Breeds of the South

The Southern U.S. is known for its love of horses. Big, well-known horse races like the Kentucky Derby have long held the nation’s attention. Now other Southern regions are developing active and elite equestrian centers for their favorite breeds.

One case in point is North Carolina’s Tryon Equestrian Center, which is bringing welcome attention and resources to the area. And just as the big events draw interest in raising and training horses, both amateur and professional breeders realize the potential of the area after attending a horse show or competition.


Where the Horses Live

Whether you’re a long-time trainer or just beginning to assemble your stable, you need to have access to a wealth of professional assistance to get the best care for your horses. In Western North Carolina, you’ll find what you need, from vets and supplies to exceptional homes for your horses.
Prefabricated horse barns help you care for your favorite breeds. Whether you prefer Tennessee Walking Horses with their elegant gait or are looking for the perfect size stalls for your American Miniature, finding the best horse barns for your location and needs is easier than ever when you can get prebuilt and modular horse barns delivered to your property.

Horses of the South

Certain horse breeds are more common than others throughout the Southeast. You can usually find:
• Missouri Fox Trotter. Although now raised in Missouri, this breed was developed in the Ozark Mountains. Perfect for ranch work or trail riding, these beautiful horses can be a solid color or pinto.
• American Miniature Horse. Superior as service animals or companions, these small animals have a great disposition and are perfect for those with smaller properties.
• American Quarter Horse. One of the oldest breeds in the country, these horses are known for their sprinting speed. They have a compact body well-suited for horse shows, rodeos and other equestrian events and activities.
• American Paint Horse. Combining characteristics of pintos and quarter horses, these exquisite animals boast elegant and distinctive color markings.
• Tennessee Walking Horse. Known for its unique four-beat walk or run, along with its flashy movement, this breed was originally developed for use on the plantations and farms in the South. Now they’re used for showing and for trail riding.
• Shire Horse. Imported from Britain, these beautiful animals are known for their weight pulling abilities. Their large height and beautiful black, gray, bay or roan coats makes them distinctive additions to larger operations.

Care of Your Favorite Breed

Whether you’re nurturing a small companion animal or catering to a large, elegant workhorse, you have to take some basic steps to provide comfortable surroundings and shelter for your animals. Prefabricated horse barns can do the trick. Minimal requirements for a horse include:
• Fenced areas with sturdy, smooth construction of wood, vinyl, mesh or plastic
• Plentiful source of clean, fresh water kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter
• Large L-shaped, center aisle, U-shaped or run-in modular horse barns for adequate, clean and safe shelter
• Access to minerals, salts, good quality hay and grass, as well as oats or other grains
• Safe pastures or meadows without any safety hazards, like dips or holes, loose wire or extra machinery
• Keeping close tabs in the modular horse barns for any instances of disease or injury

With quick installation, treated timber, preliminary drawings and site assessment, Carolina Storage Solutions builds modular horse barns that true horse lovers respect and admire. Your favorite breed relishes the clean, comfortable, airy atmosphere that quality construction of prebuilt and modular horse barns provide. Prefabricated horse barns with appropriate sized stalls are shipped anywhere in the Southeast.