Prefabricated Garages Quality Delivered to Your Door

So you’ve been researching prefab garages, but have questions. You need space for the car or maybe for an alternative use such as a home office or craft studio, but is a modular garage right for you? Taking a closer look at the high quality of prebuilt garages can help you make this decision. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more garages to North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia than anyone else. Anywhere in the Southeast, we’ve got you covered.


Indoor Factory Built. Our modular garages are built almost 100% indoors. This means the lumber and other materials are stored inside, safe from the weather. The lumber isn’t sitting outside, warping with rain and heat from the sun. And it won’t be shrinking on you, buckling your garage.

Prefab garages are also designed to be stronger than traditional stick built ones because they need to withstand delivery. You get higher factory standards than if you built a similar style garage yourself.

Fast Turn-Around Time. Our factory carpenters have all the materials they’ll need for your modular garage on hand. No one has to stop production and run to the hardware store because they ran out of nails or forgot to buy roofing shingles. They won’t have to stop because of inclement weather, either, because the factory is indoors.

Most of our prefab garages arrive to your prepared site in a couple of weeks after your order is placed. You can’t get that kind of turn around to completion with a traditionally built one. Although speed isn’t a common aspect to defining quality, it’s certainly an important one when considering the reasons to go with a modular garage, and why we included it.

Bottom Line. Modular garages generally run about 40% less expensive than a stick built one because our carpenters are a specialized team with streamlined work to get your garage built efficiently. They know what they’re doing because building prefab garages is their forte. When you combine the highest quality construction available in a factory setting with a less expensive total bill, you will see that prefabricated garages are the obvious answer you’ve been seeking.

Carolina Storage Solutions specializes in getting prefab or modular garages delivered to your door. Serving the Southeast, we’ve delivered more prebuilt garages to folks like you than anyone else in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. We’d love to help you as well.