Preparing Your Modular Horse Barn for Spring

Spring is upon us. It’s time to clean up your modular horse barn from winter’s colder activities. Below are a few tips to help ensure your horse barn will give you many years of optimal use and beauty. Remember, Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville, NC, has delivered more modular horse barns than anyone else in the Southeast, and we can help you as well!

1. General Barn Cleaning.
Now is the ideal time to give the stalls a thorough cleaning. Remove all the old bedding, and lay down fresh sawdust or straw. If you have cement or wooden floors in the stalls (or mats), now is the time to hose them down. Sweep away cobwebs (which are a fire risk) and wash the windows. In the tack and feed rooms, remove any accumulated feed bags and give the rooms a good sweeping. In the hay room, clean up broken bales, rake up and discard loose hay, especially any that could be moldy.

2. Equipment Check.
Unplug water bucket heaters and store them properly until next winter. The horses won’t likely need their horse blankets anymore, so wash, mend and fold them for storage as well. (We recommend a varmint-proof plastic box to store blankets.) Clean and repair your saddles, bridles and other tack in anticipation of increased use with warmer weather. Now is a good time to get rid of tack you don’t want or can no longer use. Consider donating to horse adoption services, horse therapy services, even orphanages that have horses. Take a look at your plumbing system, if you have automatic waterers installed. Any water leaks should be addressed before water damages the barn or attracts mosquitos and gnats to lay eggs.

3. General barn analysis.
Now is the time to check all the doors, hinges, windows and latches for needed repairs. A tightened screw or well-placed nail can prolong the life of your barn, and prevent your animals from getting accidentally hurt.

Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville, NC, has delivered more modular horse barns in the Southeast than anyone else. We have the expertise to be able to help you choose the right horse barn style and package upgrades to suit your needs. If you have been wanting a horse barn of your own, or need to upgrade/replace your barn, give us a call. We’re here for you!