Choosing the Right Modular Garage

With winter looking over our shoulders, getting a modular garage for your car is a good idea. There are a lot of different types out there, including stick-built, prefabricated wooden, metal and vinyl garages. Which one is best for you? Here’s some helpful information to help you decide.


Before we get into the different styles of buildings, let’s look at the basics of time and money. With traditionally-built garages, you’ll have to deal with contractors going over budget, missed deadlines, foul weather impediments, and no guarantees on quality. These negatives add up to wasted time and money, which is why people are choosing modular garages instead.

Modular garages are a smarter route. They have warrantied quality, are delivered to your prepared site, and can be customized to match your home and community requirements. They also require less maintenance than traditional garages.

There are three basic garages available: metal, double, and portable. For all these garages, you’ll need a flat, prepared site before they can be delivered or installed.

Metal garages:

This is the most affordable option to protect your car with basic protection against the elements. Metal garages are virtually maintenance free for years, another benefit. They come standard with garage doors, service doors and windows, depending on what package you choose.

Double garages:

There are three styles within this category – standard, loft and engineered styles. Standard and loft garages come with two garage doors, plus two windows, and a service door. You can choose the siding: pine board & batten, vinyl or Hardi-board. Architectural shingles are also standard, and offer a more finished appearance because they can match your house.

Loft styles are awesome because it’s like getting a garage and storage shed in one. The loft is accessed via stairs inside the garage.

Prefab garages with engineered trusses round out the third choice in double garages. The difference is that these offer an insulated metal roof instead of architectural shingles, overhangs, engineered 6 pitch trusses (to bear snow weight), and four windows instead of two. These prefab garages are highly customizable.

Portable Garages:

These single-door garages are very similar to all the prefab garages above in terms of roofing, exterior finishes and building quality. The key here is that they are slightly smaller, which is why they are portable.

These are only highlights to give you a general idea of what prefab garage is best for you. The details are in the customization. Prefabricated garages in the Hendersonville NC area are our specialty. Give us a call or check out our website today for more information!