Choosing the Right Horse Barn

Your horse is not only your best friend but a sizeable investment in time and money.  Of course you need to protect that investment and at the same time shelter your friend.  Both conditions can be easily met with a good quality modular or prefabricated horse barn delivered right to your site.

 Barns come in many styles, shapes, colors and materials that include wood, metal and vinyl clad. The styles include Run-In, Shed-Row, Lean-To and of course a custom modular barn.  Barns traditionally have been built on site but this has grown to be costly and time consuming.  The newer more modern way is to purchase a modular or prefabricated barn and have it delivered to your lot.  This approach has proven to be much more efficient in both cost and time.

What are the major differences between the styles?

Run-in: Usually open front, one or two stalls but they can have more depending on size. They can also be a combination of stalls and a closed storage area. The barn is delivered on the back of a truck and set right into place.

Shed-Row: similar to a Run-in except they are closed stalls with a split door for each stall.  Again you can get a combination of stalls and storage and have it delivered to your site by truck.

Lean-To: This style may just have a flat front but more likely it will have a front overhang, again available in different materials, colors, number of stalls or combinations. They are delivered by                                   truck and set on your site.

Modular Horse Barns: These are the big boys of the horse barn world.  Usually multi level these horse barns offer plenty of room for horses, storage and hay. Delivered in sections and erected onsite these offer a great value over site built and offer many options and accessories.  Many home owners are choosing this option because of the value it offers over a traditionally site built barn.

 What Style is right for you?

There are things you will need to consider before you purchase and your barn dealer can help you make some of these decisions.  At this point I should mention that your choice of a dealer is as important as your choice of barns. A good dealer will help with your decision and answer your questions so it is important to pick an established experienced dealer.

 First determine your needs, what size building do you need? Do you need a large multilevel building that has stalls for the horses and room for tack, supplies, hay, and feed? Or do you just need a simple Run-in barn for the back yard. What is the size of your lot? Do you need to level your lot? What has to be done to prepare the site? How will the barn be placed in relation to the rest of the property?  Do you want open or closed stalls?  Your next choice is going to be materials.  Modular and prefabricated barns are available in plain or painted wood, metal, or vinyl clad.

 The points to take way from this article are modular or prefabricated horse barns are more cost efficient. You have plenty of choices in styles, materials and colors. And pick a reputable dealer.