Storage Shed or Hunting Cabin?

Here’s the dilemma for most dedicated hobbyists: the more involved you are in the hobby, the more space you need for it. If you find yourself storing items in back rooms, small closets or hidden spaces in your house, it’s time to rethink your options. Consider, for example, a separate building somewhere near your Hendersonville home.


With pre-fabricated options, you don’t even need to build it! Carolina Storage Solutions delivers storage barns, hunting cabins and man caves to your lot in Western North Carolina, including almost everywhere near Asheville NC. Each structure features solid construction, quality material and fastidious supervision.

What Should You Get?

A storage barn or shed may sound rustic and remote, but if you have more than half an acre, you can place a small structure on your property. What you use it for is up to you. You can have a man cave where you can just hang out with your friends or find alone time when you need it, but you may want it for something more practical, such as a:

• Storage Shed. In a storage shed or barn (depending on its size), you can store everything you need in an orderly, protected place where your hobby stuff stays safe and out of the way from the rest of the family.
• Hunting Cabin. As a hunting cabin, you have a private place for your prizes, weapons and gear where it’s always ready to go. If hunting is your main hobby and avid interest, all your gear surrounding the sport is valuable and needs its own space.

The Difference Is More Than Cosmetic

A storage shed tends to be smaller and more economical. It can be open — for easy access to tools and equipment — or closed — for security and protection from the elements. An enclosed storage shed can be fitted with an electrical package.

A hunting cabin, on the other hand, tends to be more expansive. Most have electricity and simple necessities. Maybe all you need is a place for sleep and a good meal. But some hunters prefer a hunting cabin that provides all the comforts of a man cave.

Many Options, Simplified

Whether your needs point you to a storage barn or shed or to a hunting cabin, Carolina Storage Solutions in Hendersonville NC can meet your needs. These pre-fabricated storage sheds and hunting cabins are made in a controlled environment to the highest standards. Some of your options include:

Board & Batten barns are cozy, ideal for a man cave or storage shed.
• LP Smart Barns come as either a lofted barn or cottage. The lofted barn is more spacious than the cottage, making it better for use as a hunting cabin.
• Metal, Pressure-Treated and Vinyl Sheds come with a set of double doors, making it easy to bring large items in and out quickly. These customizable storage sheds are portable, so if you move, you can take yours with you!

Building Your Dream Hunting Cabin

When you get a prefabricated storage barn, hunting cabin or man cave, you can outfit it any way you like. A storage shed can be a simple structure that allows you to put your tools under lock and key. A hunting cabin can be a resting spot, a gathering place or a working space for your gear and your game.

In business since 2008, Carolina Storage Solutions is located in Hendersonville, about 40 minutes from Asheville NC. A regional distributor, Carolina Storage provides solutions to your space needs with a variety of structures, from small sheds to carports, hunting cabins, storage barns, horse barns and more. Most are delivered fully assembled; others are assembled on-site.