Customizing a Storage Shed into a Man Cave or She Shed

Design your own Man Cave or She Shed to suit your personal style.

We’ve spent a lot of blog-time telling you how our clients have been turning ordinary storage sheds into Man Caves and She Sheds. Asheville area families need more room, but expensive remodeling projects are out of the question. Carolina Storage Solutions has the answer and we’ll deliver it to you. A customized, personal retreat is at your fingertips.

Ladies first. Although most gals these days have a hobby (or three) that would be great transferred to a storage shed, this post is about a social retreat. It’s about creating a refreshing place for you and your girlfriends to spend time together. Best of all, it’s quite affordable.

How to Make It Happen: The  photo is a She Shed recently displayed at the Mountain State Fair. A local decorator chose a simple white paneled wall and ceiling to brighten the room. Custom windows added warming sunlight for a cheery atmosphere, perfect for chatting with the girls. An area rug and furniture from a local consignment shop turned the foot space into pure charm. You can easily follow this template in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project, or hire a local decorator to help.

Man Cave 101. Leave the grease-infested collection of miscellaneous tools and engine parts in the garage. Rethink your time hanging out with the guys. We’re betting what you’d really like in a Man Cave includes an air conditioner, microwave and refrigerator, plus a couch and big flat screen. And it could be all yours, outside your wife’s homey domain. What’s not to love?!

How to Make It Happen: First of all, check out the impressive line of display models at Carolina Storage Solutions. We offer a lot of floor plans, tailored interior and exterior wall finishes, electrical packages, plus customized doors and windows. Our model at the Mountain State Fair even had an air conditioner to ensure summer comfort. If you’re a DIY kind of guy you can paint the interior/exterior and start hauling in the furniture and appliances you’ll need. If you’d rather not pick out paint and curtains, get your wife to do it or hire a local decorator to pull it all together. Either way, you will start out with the bulk of the project already finished: a quality shed you don’t have to build, that comes to you already designed for your needs.

Storage sheds aren’t just for holding off-season junk. She Sheds and Man Caves are the latest craze and Carolina Storage Solutions has the experience to walk you through the process of buying your own and will deliver it to your back yard. Conveniently located near Asheville, NC, we’re a short drive from anywhere in western NC.