Storage Shed to Man Cave

We’ve talked a lot about Man Caves in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area, discussing different ways our clients have turned ordinary storage sheds into personal spaces for mechanic work, tool sheds and game rooms. We’ve even shared the great idea of outfitting a storage shed into a hunting shelter, complete with ample space for storing coolers, camping equipment and sleeping cots. Man Caves today are so much more than the unused corner of the garage. They have been upgraded to suit the varied tastes and needs of today’s men.

Carolina Storage Solutions is proud to be able to offer men in our area high quality sheds in many exciting floor plans and package options. Most men choose to add the electrical package as a matter of course, because whether you’re using your new Man Cave as a hobby shop or casual place to watch the game with the guys, you’ll most likely need electricity. A close second in popular choices include high quality hinged doors, single or double as needed. Some men need doors on two different sides of the building, and ramps for easier access or to roll projects/hobbies inside as needed. Don’t forget the importance of adding screened windows to your Man Cave, to let in the light and fresh air. It’s smart, not sissy.

These are only a few ideas for how you might want to set up your new Man Cave. Our website is a convenient way to take a look at all the options for customizing your shed. It’s easy – just click the upgrades you want and watch your Man Cave come to life while staying within your budget. We deliver more storage sheds in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville area of Western North Carolina than anyone else in the business.