Father’s Day Man-Caves

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, something for the dad who has (almost) everything, you’ve just found it. A man-cave! Just the term may elicit an excited cry from dad … and a shoulder shrug from mom. But she doesn’t have to get involved.


You don’t have to remodel the basement, especially difficult without your father noticing. Basements — especially those in the old houses common across Western North Carolina — are often dark, damp, uncomfortable places that won’t translate well into a modern, versatile play/work space for your father. But there is a solution: a delivered storage shed that becomes a rent to own man-cave.

What Is a Storage Shed Man-Cave?

A storage shed man-cave is a detached shed, built and delivered to your location, such as your father’s backyard. When you put your dad’s man-cave outside the house, it provides two things:
1. A man-cave in a detached storage shed gives your dad a place of his own, away from all his chores and day-to-day worries. He can work on his hobbies, invite friends over to watch the game or just chill in his own environment.
2. It placates your mom because she won’t have to clean up after him. His space, his responsibility. Your dad can be as loud as he wants, and he won’t bother the rest of the family.
Almost everyone has a little spot in the yard. You only need a 12-foot by 12-foot space to hold a perfectly contained man-cave. And these storage sheds are exceedingly comfortable, given the right furniture and appliances.

Advantages of a Detached Storage Shed Man-Cave

Delivered storage barns by Carolina Storage Solutions provide all the amenities your father wants in a man-cave — and all of this comes standard:
• An A-frame or barn-style roof for plenty of headroom
• A shingle roof or a metal roof
• Exterior stained or painted siding
• A 6-foot by 12-foot front porch
• Floors, walls and ceiling with R-13 insulation
• An insulated door and three insulated windows
• A loft for storage, accessible by ladder
• Electrical power, including three lights and light switches, five outlets and a breaker panel
• Air conditioning and heat, operated by a remote
• Linoleum flooring
• Finished beaded plywood on the walls and ceiling
Your advantage is the rent to own option. You don’t have to save up until you can afford it. With a low down payment, you can pay five percent of the retail price every month — as little as $100 a month! There’s no credit check, either, as Carolina Storage Solutions is the financing company. You also have the option of buying out the rent to own option. Just pay 60 percent of the balance, and it’s yours (or dad’s)!

Delivered Storage Barns as Man-Caves

It may have sounded crazy at first, but the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Delivered storage barns are versatile, comfortable and ready to use once installed on a prepared spot in your dad’s backyard. There’s no permit needed and no construction required.

Carolina Storage Solutions is the region’s largest and most dependable supplier of delivered storage barns. A man-cave as an exterior building on your father’s property, fully assembled and in perfect working order, is a perfect Father’s Day present, one that will have your dad rethinking his storage shed options and looking forward to his “me-time.”