July is National Dog Kennel Repair Month

Since July is National Doghouse Repair Month, maybe it’s time to take another look at dog kennels. There are many advantages to owning one, but is it right for you? Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered dog kennels all around the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area and would like to help you get Fido the right dog house as well. Call them today.


If your dog makes your yard look like a pack of gophers have moved in, and strolling in the grass has become an ankle-spraining hazard, it’s time to investigate a better way to control your pet. Tying him to a chain so he’ll destroy only one corner of the yard isn’t the answer and some people consider that a cruel lifestyle. What should you do?

Americans spent well over 50 Billion dollars last year on pets, and a large majority of that was on dogs, which still reign as the nation’s favorite. Americans view their pets as family members, and love to provide treats, comfy beds, regular check-ups, and lots of attention. Having a dog kennel is part of this provision, and choosing the right one really depends on how much time Fido spends outside. (Some breeds, puppies and older or sickly dogs are ill-suited for outdoor living.)

Although some pet owners always keep their dogs inside, we’re talking about situations where that isn’t really feasible. A cozy kennel from Carolina Storage Solutions will provide protection from the elements, shade from summer’s heat, protection from biting winds of winter, and a den for comfortable sleep.

Much better than a tarp thrown over a chain-link fence, today’s dog kennels are an appealing blend of beauty and function. They are ruggedly designed and include housing with doggie-door access to a fenced run. Beautifully designed to match most neighborhoods, these kennels are customizable with a huge selection of designs and sizes, exterior paint colors, roofing options, doors and windows. You can choose dimensions according to the breed, house one or multiple dogs (side-by-side housing and runs). You can even customize with an electrical package and choose door and window styles that blend well with your own home.

Dog kennels are a great way to provide compassionate housing for your dog, plus increase your property value. They can be delivered to your prepared site by Carolina Storage Solutions, of the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Give them a call today for details!