Nearly Double Your Garage Space by Choosing a Loft Style!

Want to practically double your garage storage space? Of Course! Carolina Storage Solution’s simple answer is their board and batten modular garage with a full loft. The customization packages alone are worth investigating, but once you see this high-quality structure for yourself, you’ll want one! Check it all out online today!


A loft garage is smart use of space.

Most people have a limited amount of land on which they can find adequate garage or storage space. Going “up” and a garage with a raised roof is the answer. Think about it. You need a sheltered place to park both your family cars. That’s a given. But what if you had space above the cars for storage, a home-based business, craft studio, Man Cave or fill-in-the-blank? You would have a lot more square footage at your disposal without losing another inch of your back yard. After all, the garage is already there. You’re only climbing a few steps to another wide, open space to use as you will.

A loft garage is smart use of money.

You could buy a regular garage just for cars, and the story ends there. It’s smart money already, because you’re protecting your vehicles from weather and UV light damage. Not to mention the fact that our garages are built to last with quality materials. That’s another way to see this decision as a smart money one. Prep work required for a two-car garage, such as cement flooring on top of professionally graded gravel, is the same as what’s needed for a garage with a loft option. So use that site prep budget wisely by choosing a garage with a raised roof, and reap much more bang for the buck.

A raised roof garage is smart ergonomics.

You don’t have to use the garage’s loft for a small business, although it makes ergonomic sense because you’ve got an inexpensive business location on your property. No, a loft garage will also give you efficient use of time and energy at home. Imagine the garage’s loft organized with clearly labeled boxes of off-season clothing, Christmas décor or summer yard games. You don’t have to tear up every closet in your house to find the items you need. Simply go to the loft and there it is! This is Home Ergonomics 101.

Simply put, you get smart space, money and ergonomics by choosing a modular garage with a loft. With an incredible variety of options like building styles, colors and windows/doors, you can customize your new modular garage to suit your needs perfectly. Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help. Give them a call today!