Other Uses for A Modular Horse Barn

Modular horse barns can have more uses than just providing shelter to horses so don’t let the name fool you. What makes the barns so adaptable is due to the quality of their construction and the ease of delivery a modular barn can offer.

 First use of course is animals. Goats, sheep, cattle, kangaroos, pigs, ponies, the list is endless but many animals in fact, require the shelter of a barn plus room for storage of their feed and equipment. Stalls can be divided up for various duties like one for birthing, one for the young animals, one general stall for your animals to hang out in.

 Because of the available choice in styles and sizes you can find the building or buildings to match your particular needs. Some are just small Run-In type sheds, great for goats and smaller livestock  and some are tall multi-levels with lofts for hay or feed and suited for larger animals.

 The second use would be for vehicles and equipment. For those times when a puny garage just won’t do it a modular barn or building may fit the bill. Maybe you have a spot too tight to get construction equipment in? A modular building comes to you on in a truck or in sections.

Maybe you don’t want the mess and destruction traditional construction brings. A modular site takes less preperation and is much more cost effective. Maybe you are on a tight time schedule?  Modular barn crews are in and out in a few days. What if you want to save thousands over a conventional building? Then modular horse barns delivered to your site is the way to go.

 These buildings give you the options of being used to shed a small horse cart up through large tractors and equipment.  You just need to pick one that suites your needs and have it delivered directly to your prepared site.

 The third use would be. You may have fire wood, lawn and garden equipment and supplies that need to be stored. Supposed you need to keep the feed away from the fertilizer then separate smaller buildings could be your answer. Put them side by side or in chosen locations around your property according to the chosen use.  You can get open front styles or styles with doors. You can get a lean to style or a lean to with an overhang. You really need to check with a dealer to get a full list.

 Fourth is a livable building. Can you think of a better less expensive way to start a small house or cabin? Many models are suited to be used as a small camp or guest bungalow. Almost all models have wooden floors and many have windows. You will need to add extras on the inside like plumbing and electrical power but you will save greatly on the cost of the shell.

 So there you have four good reasons to consider the advantages of having a modular barn delivered. These would include, cost, quality of construction, ease of delivery, less damage to property and of course choice. Choice of styles, colors, materials all work together to make modular barns attractive option over site built.