Affordable Modular Horse Barns Delivered

Modular or prefabricated horse barns are an affordable alternative to traditionally-built pole barns. We have delivered more of these great buildings to folks in the Southeast than anyone else. We love helping folks like you. Our display yard is near Asheville, NC, an easy drive from anywhere in the WNC or upstate SC area. Come visit us to check out our great selection of horse barns today!

You need a horse barn, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. While you may be thinking about constructing an old fashioned pole barn yourself, stop a moment to consider a modular horse barn. It really comes down to the fact that a prefabricated barn will save you time and money, precious commodities we all appreciate.

Pole barns need poles to bury in the ground. Black locust has been the traditional wood of choice in this area because it’s durable, but now disease means it no longer grows to maturity. What you’re left with in this area is pines, which will last a few years at best. Besides not having a good species of tree to use, pole barns are a huge hassle to build. You’ll need a lot of help getting those poles set upright in properly dug holes, not to mention the walls and roof. Once you’ve spent a fortune and a few months building it, the clock of decay begins to tick. Even with regular repairs, pole barns settle and shift a lot. They aren’t considered permanent structures, so building codes are another issue you’ll have to overcome.

Our prefabricated horse barns, on the other hand, are a smart alternative to the DIY nightmare of pole barns. Modular barns are built in a factory setting, with the highest construction standards. It will come to you ready to set up on your prepared site. We’ll handle that for you, too. It’s a much faster, and more financially sound alternative to a pole barn.

Come visit us online or at our display yard to check out all the horse barn models and discuss the options and upgrades you’ll need. We even offer financing for your convenience. Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville, NC, is your go-to dealership for prefabricated or modular horse barns of all sizes. We’ve delivered more barns and sheds to folks like you in the Southeast than anyone else, and would love to help you as well. Come see us today!