Prefabricated Horse Barns vs. Amish Horse Barns

In this article we compare prefabricated horse barns and Amish horse barns. Every project undertaken by Amish men and women is performed with quality craftsmanship in mind. Consumers have come to expect that high standard in Amish products — from food and clothing to furniture and horse barns. Because of that reputation for reliability, ranchers and other horse owners seek out Amish-built barns and sheds.

On the other hand, prefabricated horse barns haven’t always enjoyed such a lasting reputation. But they’ve come a very long way in the past few decades. Modular horse barns today are constructed in pieces inside warehouse factories, according to strict guidelines and expert oversight. They’re built by master craftsmen under controlled conditions to maintain quality.
So, the question becomes: which should you choose?


If Price Were No Object

If you had an unlimited amount of money, you could buy a large plot of land and build a replica of the largest horse barn in the world: the Wellington, Florida polo barn with its chandeliers and spas inside a beautiful 78,000 square-foot timber frame building. While horse owners love their animals, very few of them have that much money to spend. Still, paying skilled workers — whether they’re Amish or not — to build your barn on site is always an option.
For the rest of the horse-owning population in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a less expensive option is to order prebuilt and modular horse barns. Prefabricated horse barns are just as sturdy and practical as site-built structures. They look as good and work as hard to protect your horses. And you can get the exact type of barn you want:

• Shed row barns
• Run-in barns
• Center-aisle barns
• L-shaped barns
• U-shaped barns

Comparing Amish and Modular Horse Barns

You might think the features of these two types of horse barns would vary significantly. Surprisingly, both types of barns compare favorably. Both types use 6×6-inch pressure-treated posts, solid construction and everything you expect in a horse barn, including:

• Kickboards
• Sliding stall doors, one per stall
• One window per stall
• Pine board and batten siding
• Roof with architectural shingles
• Proper ventilation

All barns are built for the safety and comfort of your horses, while providing you with the storage space you need. But while Amish barns favor smaller structures — from 8×8 feet to 12×50 feet, with two to five stalls — prebuilt and modular horse barns from Carolina Storage Solutions come in much larger sizes — 30×24 feet to 36×48 feet, with four to eight stalls. No matter which type of barn you choose, they are designed to last.

Making Your Choice

Both types of barns take time to custom-build, but prefabricated horse barns are built in a controlled environment and brought to your property in two or three pieces, depending on the size you order. The roof may also be constructed on site. The assembly is no more than a three-day process, assuming you’ve prepared the lot.
Amish horse barns tend to be smaller, for fewer horses. The larger prebuilt and modular horse barns available through Carolina Storage Solutions house more horses — up to eight stalls, compared to five at the most for the Amish barns. If you have more than five horses on your ranch, your choice is clear. But what if you only have a couple horses?
Then you have a choice. But when you compare the prices and realize you’re supporting a local business, you may opt for the value of prefabricated horse barns. They’re delivered anywhere in the Southeast. If you’re interested in more information about pre-built and modular horse barns, visit Carolina Storage Solutions.