The Southeast’s Largest Shed Dealer Offers Rent-to-own

Need a storage shed, but can’t afford one? Rent-to-own is a great way for folks like you to get the sheds they need, on affordable budgets. Better yet, our sheds are delivered to right to your prepared site in NC, SC, GA, TN, and VA. But is rent-to-own for you? Carolina Storage Solutions has put together some tips, based on our own regulations, to help you decide.


Advantages of Rent-to-own:

No Credit Check. Because we are your in-house financing company, there aren’t any credit checks. Good credit, bad credit, it doesn’t matter. Simply pay your monthly rental fee. It’s that simple.

Immediate Approval. It’s covered in the rental agreement and falls under the premise that you’re renting the shed from us until you make the final payment. Sometimes life needs to be kept simple. This is one of those things.

Low Down Payment. You will need to deposit two month’s rent to get things rolling. After that, you’ll just have the regular monthly payments for 34 months.

Delivery is Included. You won’t have to pay additional fees or arrange for delivery yourself. We’ll take care of that for you.

You’ll Own the Shed. Unlike throwing your money away year after year on a storage rental unit that’s miles away from home, you will own your shed in just 36 payments!

No Penalty for Early Pay Off. In fact, you will save 40% of the balance by paying it off early. Some people have bought sheds on our rent-to-own program this time of year because they desperately need the storage solutions, and then paid off the shed when tax money comes in.

Changing Your Mind is Alright. What if you have to move before the contract is up, or if you decide you simply don’t want the shed any longer? Our rent-to-own program is a monthly contract. You can terminate it any time without penalty. Just give us a call to schedule pick up. You will be responsible for rent until the day we pick it up (and cleaning it out, of course).

Rent-to-own plans allow you to have storage sheds delivered to your own backyard with little money upfront, and affordable monthly payments. It’s really that simple. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds in the Southeast than anyone else. We serve NC, SC, GA, TN and VA, so we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!