Tiny Homes the New American Dream

Move aside oversized houses with gargantuan mortgages. People are choosing to fulfill their American Dreams by moving into prefab garages, sheds or barns customized into Tiny Homes. It’s one of the most interesting and affordable trends we’ve seen in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Carolina Storage Solutions takes the concept a step farther, by offering rent-to-own financing. Is an “American Dream Tiny Home” for you? We’ve included a few financial tidbits below.


Avoid Debt. Tiny Homes from prefabricated garages, sheds or barns cost a fraction of their traditionally-sized counterparts. People are tired of upside-down mortgages and having to maintain large homes. Sometimes the simpler life is also cheaper. Most families today devote at least 50% of their income to housing. Tiny Home dwellers have no mortgage at all. That would feel like doubling your salary!

Lower your debt habit by embracing a tiny garage house lifestyle. After all, you must choose your possessions carefully because of space issues. This translates to less spending, less debt.

Lower Overhead. Tiny Homes customized from modular barns, garages or sheds are much cheaper to heat and cool, so your utility bills will be shockingly low. Also consider lowered property taxes, and less maintenance. Because you’ll have less storage space, even your grocery bill will go down because you simply can’t hoard as much food. This frees up even more discretionary money.

Redefine the American Dream. Instead of embracing a top heavy lifestyle of signing for a mortgage that will take most of your life to pay off, consider living debt free instead. Moving into a modular garage outfitted as a Tiny Home may be the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll end up with more spending money. Perhaps this would translate to more Caribbean cruises, a college education, or paying cash for a new car or to start a business.

Rent-to-Own. A final consideration is in-house financing for your Tiny Garage Home. We want to help you get into your Tiny House quickly, with our rent-to-own program. It’s easy to qualify, and you’ll be decorating your own Tiny Home before you know it.

Carolina Storage Solutions is your go-to company for using a prefab garage, storage shed or barn as a Tiny Home. We’ve delivered more prefabs than anyone else in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. Visit our display lot or website for more information.