Turn a Storage Shed in to an Affordable Home Office!

Working from home: it’s one of our favorite American dreams. What wasn’t an obtainable goal a generation, or even ten years ago, now is an easier realized goal because of the incredible advances in electronic technology. We used to write letters by snail mail. Now we Skype. We used to have office phones. Now we text by cell. Fax machines have been replaced with scanned email attachments and cloud databases. It seems that the sky is literally the limit.

Maybe you have the opportunity to work from home, but need a clean, organized office space. Every room in your home is already being used to capacity. There are no spare bedrooms. The basement is a dark, dungeon-like place that harbors mold. Yuk. You need something more permanent than setting up every morning on the kitchen table, and something bigger than a kids desk shoved into the corner of the living room.

We have the answer! At Carolina Storage Solutions, we offer a huge selection of storage buildings that can be easily transformed into an affordable office just outside your back door. We can customize everything from the exterior and interior walls, to windows, doors, shelving and cabinetry. And of course we have an electrical installation package available, with plugs to suit your computer and other electronics needs. Think way past traditional storage sheds. We can create a professional-looking building where you can work from home in comfort and style. Do you need a covered porch to welcome business clients into your office? We can do that for you as well.

We have the experience to set up your new home office with professionalism, making the whole process fast, and painless. We even offer a convenient rent-to-own policy that is easy on the monthly budget. Don’t wait! Call or swing by our office today to pick out your new home-based office building. They are affordable, convenient, and can be delivered quickly, so you can get on to building your American Dream!