Winterizing Your Storage Shed

With winter bearing down on us soon, now is the time to give your storage sheds and barns a little attention. Carolina Storage Solutions delivers more barns and sheds to the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. We know sheds and how to help you take care of them.

Rooftops. Start at the top and work your way down with your storage shed or barn winterization. If there are tree branches rubbing the roof (or walls) then it’s time to trim them. Leaning trees that could fall under the weight of snow onto your shed should be removed. Rooftop quality needs to be checked: Loose shingles replaced, metal roof screws and joints checked for leaks, etc.

Guttering. Take gutters seriously. They can’t protect your building from water damage if they aren’t clean. Pull out the bigger stuff like branches and clumps of leaves first and then power wash them. Loose guttering should be secured and rusty sections replaced.

Windows and doors. Use weather stripping to help block drafts. Put some WD-40 on door hinges to prevent wintertime rust.

Inside check-up. Start at the top. If you see evidence of a roof leak, now is the time to address the issue, before winter rain freezes and complicates the issue. Now is the time to clean out expired products such as lawn fertilizer and leftover paint from projects you did years ago. Once you get down to the floor, sweep it and make sure the floor joists still feel secure. It’s time to reorganize your things inside the shed. Come time to start your spring landscapig, you’ll be happy you did.

Tools and machinery. Anything that runs on gas should have the gas tank emptied. The easiest way is to simply run the lawnmower, etc. until it runs out of gas. Alternatively, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent a clogged carburetor in the spring. Give your lawn mower and other equipment a good wash just as you’d wash your car. Soapy water and a garden hose do miracles. Wipe down hand tools and store them inside the shed as well.

Rodents. The disease-carrying beasts want to spend the winter in your shed, causing damage to the building, equipment and stored items, not to mention chewing on electrical wires. Consider rodent traps, etc.

Carolina Storage Solutions has an impressive line of storage sheds and barns at their display site. Owning you own shed or barn can be easy, and will be delivered straight to your back yard. Close to Hendersonville and Asheville, NC they are easy to find and have delivered more storage units to our area than anyone else. Come see the difference for yourself.