Storage sheds and Barns Make Protecting Your Lawn Equipment This Winter Easier

Storage sheds and barns can be your best defense in protecting your expensive lawn equipment from harsh winter elements in North Carolina.  Wood storage sheds, vinyl storage sheds or steel storage sheds not only provide you with the kind of dedicated space necessary to ensure that your lawn and garden equipment survive the harsh winter months, they are a cost effective way to take care of your equipment.  And because most storage sheds can be delivered to your property, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your lawn mowers, tractors, leaf blowers, chain saws and even fertilizer will be protected from rust, mold and even rodents.  There are a number of options available with respect to the kind of storage shed you may wish to invest in, and of course the different wood, steel and vinyl storage sheds each have their advantages, but the main thing is to prepare your equipment to withstand rain, snow and freezing temperatures so once they are properly housed, you can rest assured that your lawn and garden equipment will be in top operating condition when you need them the most.

 Here are a few tips to ensure that once you chose the right storage shed to house your lawn equipment in, they will not only survive the elements, but be ready to use in the spring without spending a fortune on professional cleaning and maintenance.

1. Gas that sits in a mower all winter can clog the carburetor.  You have two choices; you can run the engine until the gas is gone, or you can fill the tank and add fuel stabilizer.  But don’t just park the mower or tractor in a storage unit in the fall and leave it there until next spring.  And if you do add fuel stabilizer, be sure to run the engine for bout five minutes to ensure that the stabilizer filters through the carburetor

2.  Change the oil before storing for the winter to extend the life of the engine.  You may also want to charge the battery, bearing in mind that you will need to charge the battery periodically throughout the winter since lawn mower and tractor engines will not recharge on their own when you begin using the equipment again in the spring.

3.  Clean the mower with mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly to make sure any lawn clippings are loosened from the mowing deck.  If you fail to clean the mower before storing it, the clipping will likely mold and the metal parts will rust. You may also want to replace any worn or broken parts at this time.  Replacing deck belts in the winter makes more sense than waiting until the spring when the mower is in use.  Sharpening the blades before storing your mower for the winter also makes sense, because when spring rolls around and you need the mower or tractor to be in top operating condition, it will roll right out of the storage unit and be ready for action.

Southern winters found in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Tennessee can do a real number on your lawn equipment, but a quality storage shed can provide the optimum solution for protecting this valuable investment, and because most storage sheds or barns can be delivered and installed anywhere on your property, selecting the right storage shed may be just what you need to make sure your lawn and garden equipment are properly cared for no matter what the season.