Alternative Uses for Prefabricated Sheds, Garages & Barns

Move aside, cluttered storage shed. You’ve just been upgraded to a new and exciting alternative use. People today want to get the biggest bang for their buck, and finding alternative uses for modular sheds, garages and barns is a current trend. Fortunately, Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help you create an interesting use of space because they’ve delivered more barns and sheds than anyone else in the area. Give them a call today to find out more.



Stand Alone Sheds. Come on, don’t just toss your out-of-season stuff into a shed and forget about it until the change of seasons. You have other options! Think outside the storage shed box. Do you need a place for your hobbies? How about an organized garden or potting shed? How about a weatherproof place for firewood, lawn equipment or summer hydrocraft? A storage shed can be so much more than an enclosed miniature junk yard. Once you’ve assess your storage needs, then you can customize the shed’s options to suit your needs perfectly.


Prefabricated Garages. Most people see a garage as merely a place to keep the vehicle out of the weather. Sure, that’s great. But with so many improvements in customization packages these days, people are beginning to use prefab garages for workshops as well. Why? Because they’re big enough to store bulky supplies like lumber or oversized mechanic’s toolboxes, as well as provide the needed space to actually do the work you want. It’s all about organization and wise use of money.


Modular Barns. Although a prefab barn is perfect for livestock, they can also be customized to meet your needs for a private movie theater, Man Cave or She Shed. Perhaps you would prefer to install a few sound panels for a music studio. It’s the perfect place for your band to practice without disturbing the whole house. Or you could have an art/craft studio!

Customizations like size, shape, roof style, interior and exterior materials and colors are only the beginning of your options. You can choose different door and window styles, and even have ramps installed for ease of access. Let these possibilities get your creative juices flowing. You’ve got endless potential and Carolina Storage Solutions can help make your alternative uses for storage sheds, garages and modular barns become reality. Check them out online today!