Other Business Uses for a Prefabricated Barn

Modular horse barns aren’t just for horses. The hottest trend in weddings these days is to have them in barns. Wedding in barns are such a hot item, they book up as much as three years in advance. That’s a lot of business money you could be making, if you only had your own horse barn. We’ve delivered more horse barns than anyone to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia. Whether it’s barns for horses, or business ventures, we help dreams come true.

Weddings not your thing? Well think about other ways you can use your modular horse barn for income. There will be other special events that can make you money, such as family reunions, school reunions, birthdays, business meetings, and holiday events. The list goes on.

What if you had a modular horse barn set up for alternative businesses? It’s certainly easy to set up the stalls as incubator type businesses. How about a flea market? People could rent stalls from you. We have even heard of folks turning a modular horse barn into a church!

You don’t have to run a farm to sell produce (although a lot of specialty farms have produce stands). Farm produce retail sheds are another hot trend these days. People want fresh, wholesome foods that are good for their families. If you have a good location for your horse barn, you could be the founder of a food co-op where growers can rent one of your stalls to sell their crops. People will love the atmosphere of the place, and you’ll make money as the landlord.

How about a restaurant in a barn? Don’t laugh. Biltmore House has one in their old barn. You could do something similar, and reach a market of diners that want the atmosphere without having to walk six miles from the parking lot to the restaurant door. Hey, it’s a great idea. Go for it!

Have we inspired you to think outside the box stall? We hope so! Carolina Storage Solutions wants to help you get your modular horse barn business up and running ASAP. Our modular horse barns come in all kinds of sizes, so you can dream as big as you want. We’ve delivered more horse barns than anyone else in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and we want to help you as well.