We Can Deliver Your Hunting Cabin Almost Anywhere

The heat of summer is finally past us, which means hunting season is beginning. There’s something about cooking over a campfire, camouflage hunting clothes and safety orange that gets you going. Not to mention the anticipation of a successful hunt. If you’re like most men, though, sleeping on the cold ground in a tent is tolerable at best, and definitely not your favorite part about hunting. What if you could have all the things you love about hunting, but switch out the tent for a hunting cabin? You can, with a storage shed or barn that you outfit for a Man Cave hunting cabin!


It’s the best of both worlds: hunting and rustic indoor living. If you’ve got halfway decent road access (the delivery truck has to be able to get there and offload the shed to your prepared site) then you can have a great hunting cabin to use this season. It’s that simple.

You’ll have friends who will want to use your hunting cabin. Get them to help you prepare for delivery. You’ll need a flat foundation, with a good, thick gravel base. Some guys make it more permanent with a cement base, but that isn’t always feasible. When the building comes, it’ll be on a flatbed delivery truck, so you might need to cut a few low lying tree limbs.

Most hunters choose sheds with covered porches because they offer a place to shuck off muddy boots, clean equipment, or simply sit under shelter while stew simmers over the fire. Inside the hunting shed, extra folding cots and hunting blinds can be stored in the lofts overhead. The countertop and cabinetry will house food and bottled water. You’ll still need an outhouse, though.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. A long weekend away from the routine. Time spent out in the woods hunting, and then camping at night. The soft sounds of nature at night without the intrusive noise of civilization. No television, dishwasher or washing machine running. Just peaceful quiet.

If a better way to hunt sounds exactly like what you want, check out Carolina Storage Solutions online. Pick the storage shed you want, based on your hunting needs and the amenities you need, and give them a call to discuss details about having it delivered. This will be something you’ll enjoy for many years. Call today!