Hunting in Style: Man Cave Hunting Cabin

Some guys are lucky enough to have sweethearts who like to go hunting with them, or at least camping. Some, however, just don’t care for the bitter cold, howling winds and how damp everything gets with tent living. Be honest. You can’t really blame them. There’s a better alternative to tent camping: a Man Cave (storage shed) outfitted as a hunting cabin. You can have all the things you need as a hunter, while providing a comfortable retreat for her as well. Think of how much you’ll enjoy sitting beside her, watching clouds and wildlife from the front porch of your private hunting cabin tucked up in a quiet mountain cove! It’s all about making the most of the hunting season, and you have the power to do so at your fingertips.


Basically, a hunting cabin is simply a storage shed or storage barn that’s outfitted for hunting. Getting one isn’t difficult, but you’ll have to consider a few things before you order it.

1. Permits. If you’re ordering a modular unit that comes in multiple pieces, you’ll likely need a permit. The local permitting office can give you more information.

2. The site. Will a “wide load” delivery truck be able to get there? We can’t set up your hunting cabin if it takes 4WD and a team of mules two weeks of pulling to deliver it to the site. Fortunately, most hunting land in our area has good road access, so you’ll probably be fine.

The prepared site needs to be flat. Will you need to remove trees or have a professional do some grade work? You’ll need a thick layer of gravel for the building’s foundation, or a slab of concrete for even more stability.

3. Cranes and trucks. If you are buying a bigger garage, like those with lofts, to turn into a hunting shed, remember the height we’ll need to offload and set up the building. Some trees may need to be trimmed or removed. Make sure the “wide load” delivery truck can get to the site without damaging the building.

The simplicity of preparing for your hunting cabin is part of the beauty of the idea. There simply isn’t a lot to it. Carolina Storage Solutions is here to help with the details. Give us a call today and you’ll be enjoying your Man Cave hunting cabin in no time!