Are You Ready for a Storage Shed Hunting Cabin?

A storage shed makes a great hunting cabin. Hunting may be an escape from the grind of everyday life. But it’s also a ritual, a tradition that goes back generations. You went hunting with your dad, who went hunting with his dad, and so on. Each generation respects and sometimes improves upon the traditions of the past.


And so it goes to this day. The latest innovations in hunting aren’t laser-powered rifles or anti-gravity boots. The newest way to enjoy your sport is with prefab hunting cabins. A cabin is a solid investment that at the same time lets you feel like a kid again. Whether you use it for hunting, getting away to a man cave or knocking back a few cold ones, hunting cabins serve you nicely.

If You Build It, No One Will Come — Without an Invitation

And that’s exactly the point. Privacy, peace and quiet — a space to call your own — is the reason you want a man cave in the first place. Here, you’ll have a space that’s uniquely yours, designed to fit your style and personality.
For those moments when you want to get away from your fast-paced life and go off-grid, your hunting cabin is waiting for you. You can furnish it exactly the way you want with prized game heads on the walls, dart boards, trophies … whatever you can think of. Whether you prefer to be tucked away just off a main road or deep in the woods, you’ll have a cool refuge all your own.

The Nuts and Bolts

One of the biggest obstacles in building the man cave of your dreams is often the cost. Carolina Storage Solutions, the largest supplier of prefab hunting cabins, allows you the ability to rent to own. With a low down payment and affordable monthly installments, you can enjoy your dream cabin now — or as quickly as it takes to build and deliver your cabin.
With a number of floor plans and options available, you may have a tough time selecting exactly what you want. Carolina Storage can help. They’ll review all the options with you and take the time to focus on what works best for you. Options and features include:

• Quality wood construction
• On-site delivery anywhere in the Southeast
• 6×12-foot porch and loft, bringing the completed dimensions to 12×18 feet
• Complete insulation in the ceilings and walls with R-13 insulation
• Linoleum flooring
• Spacious enough for storing all your hunting supplies
• Metal or shingle roof
• Vinyl insulated windows
• Electrical package that includes:
o3 lights
o 3 light switches
o receptacles
o Breaker panel with optional pig tail
• Heat and air conditioning with remote control
• Beaded plywood on the walls and ceiling
• Ladder leading to your loft, if applicable

Quality Storage Sheds and Barns

If outdoor storage is a concern for you, Carolina Storage Solutions has what you need. With a variety of storage sheds, barns and wood sheds that can be used as hunting cabins, you’ll wonder how you made it all this time without one. The list of available storage sheds and barns include:

• LP Smart Barn (comes with a 50-year warranty on LP SmartSide siding and a 10-year warranty on Urethane siding stain
• Pressure-treated sheds, which come with a 25-year warranty on T&G flooring with SmartFinish
• Vinyl sheds that come with a 25-year warranty on T&G flooring with SmartFinish
• Metal sheds, which come with a lifetime warranty on Advantech flooring
• Board & batten, which comes with a lifetime warranty on architectural shingles

You can use your cabin, cottage, barn or shed:

• For outdoor storage to declutter your home
• As storage sheds and barns
• As wood sheds
• For hunting cabins
• As a man cave
• For whatever you want to make it
• To watch all your favorite sporting events

Contact Carolina Storage Solutions today about what option is right for you. Get a free quote and any additional information you may need. Call today, 877-305-4277.