Garage – Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the most troublesome auto expenses you can suffer. It’s not your fault, yet you have to pay for the damage. As the weather becomes more unpredictable, it increases the chances of your car being damaged by hail. This summer, North Carolina experienced more hail storms than normal for this time of year, so purchasing a durable garage is a smart investment.


If you don’t already have a garage, you still have options. If cost is a deterrent, however, consider that the cost to repair dents from hail ranges from $30 to $80 each. Carolina Storage Solutions makes it easy to own a garage with plenty of price ranges, payment plans and rent-to-own options. You can choose from a variety of structures; one will accommodate your vehicle.

Choosing the Garage That’s Right for You

Consider also how many vehicles your family has, the size of land you have to place your garage on and what zoning requirements you may face. The experts at Carolina Storage Solutions can give you answers to help you decide between:

Metal garage. If you need a high level of protection, then a metal garage may be the right purchase for you. Given the increase in hail storms, a metal garage is better able to withstand the effects of the element than even a concrete garage.
Metal garages also have proven resistance against dents, cracks, decay and fire. A metal garage requires minimal maintenance, so upkeep costs are low. Construction time of this kind of garage takes longer, but once finished, it lasts a lifetime.

Prefab Garage. A prefabricated garage is a popular choice. The concrete used in building a prefab garage is manufactured at a special construction site or factory. After the structure is completed, it’s transported to your installation site in pieces.
The benefit of these garages is that they’re easy to set up, typically in less than a day. A prefab garage is made from the least expensive materials, which drives down costs. Minimal maintenance is another added benefit because these garages don’t rust or corrode from the elements.

Wood garage. A wood garage protects your car in the event of a hail storm. While a wood garage used to be the go-to material when building, it’s use has declined since other materials became available. When built and maintained properly, these garages provide continued resistance to inclement weather.

Wooden garages have a low impact on the environment and are sustainable because of the recycled materials used to build them. The foundation of a wood garage is inexpensive as it requires only a single concrete slab. Maintenance of a wood garage may be higher than the other types of garages, but it may fit in better with the other structures on your property.

The team at Carolina Storage Solutions has these garage options and much more available to suit your needs. Most garages come fully assembled and free delivery is available. Contact us today so we can help you choose a high-quality garage to protect your car from hail and other damage.