Contractors/Builders Increase Profit Using Modular Garages

Home builders and residential contractors, you’ve had to tread a narrow line between pleasing your clients and making a profit. It can’t be easy. Clients sometimes make outrageous demands, and they often want more for less. And yet you make it work, satisfying nearly every one of your clients in the process.



Now you can find an easier way to keep your clients happy and increase profit: modular garages from Carolina Storage Solutions. By including our prefab garages as part of your next building or remodeling project, you save money because of lower modular garages prices, at the same time satisfying those same demanding clients. They get terrific quality that’s built to last, and you maintain your stellar reputation. That’s a win-win.

Many Styles and Sizes Available

No matter what you need in a standalone garage, you can order it from Carolina Storage Solutions. The quality is always top-of-the-line, and you have a range of options to choose from, including:

• One-car, two-car and custom sizes
• One-story or two-story
• With electricity or without
• Siding and roofing options cover most styles
• Materials and flooring run the gamut, giving you the choice of selecting exactly what you want
• Colors, window and door styles mean a prefab garage is truly customized to your client’s requests

For available options, visit our website or call 877-305-4277 to talk to our sales team. Neither you nor your clients will be disappointed.

The Advantages of Modular Garages

Your reputation is on the line with every job you accept. That doesn’t mean you have to build everything yourself. There are inherent advantages to using prefab garages for your clients, such as:

• Prefab garages are built faster, and in a controlled environment, which improves their quality.
• Modular garages are delivered to your site, sometimes free of charge.
• Prefabricated garages are put in place on-site, a process that takes much less time than building from scratch.
• Modular garages are less expensive than stick-built structures. Modular garage prices are much lower than you may expect.

Whether you keep the cost savings to yourself or pass them along to your client, you’re assured that they’ll be happy with the finished product. Modular garages make your work a little bit easier. Contact the experts at building and delivering modular garages to your construction site. We show up on time, as promised, to set up the garage.