Get Your Sweetheart Her Very Own She Shed

If you ended up in the doghouse this past Valentine’s Day, it’s probably not very comfortable — unless you don’t have to share with your dog. Of course, if you have your own Man Cave, it’s not really much of a punishment. But even if you showered your lady with chocolates and flowers, you can never build up too many brownie points on your side!

Carolina Storage Solutions has a complete line of storage buildings and sheds ideal for placating and wooing any woman. In fact, the She Shed has become one of the most popular uses of storage buildings and sheds in the country. Rather than fitting your yard with ordinary sheds & storage this year, do the right thing and either buy or rent to own a She Shed that’s guaranteed to bring more hugs and kisses than you thought possible!

Many Uses for Sheds & Storage

Prefabricated sheds and stick-built storage buildings and sheds long have been used as garden sheds, extra space for lawn tools and as fun hide-outs for the family when a little alone time is in order. Certainly bigger than a doghouse, yet more feminine and modernized than your traditional prefabricated sheds, the She Shed offers women space and ambiance to really let their creative sides shine.

In addition to their value as garden sheds, some of the most common uses for She Shed storage buildings and sheds include:

• Art studio
• Meeting place
• Reading room
• Craft cottage
• Party house
• Hideaway

Options for Storage Building and Sheds

In keeping with the “earn points” theme, the She Shed you present to your loved one must be of a caliber worthy of those points. You don’t have to worry about building the shed, because when you rent to own or buy from Carolina Storage Solutions, your new outbuilding is delivered directly to your prepared spot of land. And delivery is free if you live within a 20-mile radius of Hendersonville, NC, which includes Asheville.
Consider, for example:

• 10×20-foot pressure-treated She Sheds, built to last, with covered porches
• 12×36-foot vinyl garden sheds with four-foot lofts and double doors
• 14×20-foot maintenance-free metal lofted prefabricated sheds

All of the prefabricated sheds & storage units come with a slew of optional add-ons too. You can add some really thoughtful touches to create the perfect She Shed out of conventional storage buildings and sheds. Some ideas include:

• An electrical system
• A workbench with pegboard
• A ramp for easy in-and-out carrying
• Insulated windows
• Tiered shelves

Don’t wait until you end up back in the doghouse. Better yet, avoid the place all together. Call today to arrange a rent to own plan for delivery of your lady’s very own She Shed. She’ll love it!