Storage Shed Turned Man Cave: Incredible Personalized Options

We’ve given you some fascinating uses for turning an ordinary storage shed or storage barn into a Man Cave, but have not really let you know about some of the wonderful features we offer to personalize the shed. Not every man needs double doors, for example, but other options end up being the perfect fit. With our convenient rent-to-own payment plan, it’s no wonder Carolina Storage Solutions is the biggest supplier of delivered barns and sheds in the greater Asheville, NC area.

Perhaps the most frequent question men ask us about our storage sheds and barns is about quality. Our sheds are built to last, passing a rigorous factory quality control standard. Insulated walls and ceilings as well as insulated vinyl windows are options most men choose. You can rest assured that your new Man Cave is built with quality.

By far, the number one option men choose for their Man Caves is the electrical package. After all, you can’t kick back with your friends to watch the television on game night without electricity. With the electrical package, you can keep the drinks cold, the dip hot, and the wide screen loud! Throw in heat and air conditioning options, and you’re set year-round.

From winter couch sports to summer fishing and everything in between, Man Caves change in terms of function with a man’s varied hobbies. But what do you do with the off-season stuff? Why, you put it in the loft, such as the one pictured above. Overhead storage space is a great way to make the most of your Man Cave.
Although your new Man Cave will be constructed with quality, you don’t have to settle for rough plywood flooring. Go with our linoleum flooring instead. It will look better, be much easier to clean, and will also offer some insulation against cold winter temperatures on your feet.

Imagine your new Man Cave will be delivered to your prepared site, already finished with the paint, flooring, doors and windows you have chosen. All you need is the finishing touches of seating, electronics and maybe a refrigerator. Carolina Storage Solutions has plenty of storage barn and storage shed plans to choose from. They can make all this happen for you, and even have a rent-to-own plan to help make your Man Cave a reality. Give them a call today for more information!