Man Cave Possibly Saved Our Marriage

With Carolina Storage Solutions’ rent-to-own plan, my husband was able to buy a storage shed and turn it into a Man Cave. They delivered it to our prepared site, and that was all well and good. Now he spends time every day immediately after work in his Man Cave. Is that a bad thing?


First of all, I acknowledge that every man needs time and space to be a man. My husband is no different. He likes to go to his Man Cave as a personal retreat. He can eat what he wants (I eat salads; he likes pizza.) He can listen to his own music, which is very different from my favorite, classical. It’s a place where a man can be, well, a man.

He used to zone out all the time when I was talking to him. It drove me nuts. Turns out he just needed time to think, not necessarily about my topics. Just to kind of mentally be alone. It wasn’t personal; it was just the way he’s made. The Man Cave gives him this. When I learned to give him the time he needed to be alone, he came back to me refreshed, ready to actually hear me.

We used to bicker about his projects, too. He was always fixing some smelly motor or yard tool, sometimes disassembling a weed trimmer in the garage, bringing some of the parts to replace at the kitchen table. It drove me nuts. Now he takes all his projects to the Man Cave. He’s happy. I’m happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Storage Sheds can be delivered to your prepared site, and Carolina Storage Solutions’ unique rent-to-own payment plan can get the ball rolling quickly, with minimal impact on your monthly budget. You’ll get more than his repair projects out of the garage. You’ll have a happier husband as well. He’ll have a private place where he can be a man, to think, to tinker with his tools, eat junk food, and even hang out with his buddies. It’s a place for him to hit his personal reset. When he steps foot into your mutual domain, your home, he’ll be a better husband and father. At least that’s what I’ve found and hope the same for you. Get him a storage shed and turn it into a Man Cave!