Now Is the Best Time for Your Own Shed Space

Most everyone can use some extra room for storage, projects and other purposes. For this reason, metal sheds, wood sheds and all forms of outdoor storage have always been such popular and appealing options. And it’s more convenient — and less expensive, in the long run — than renting a storage unit.

Storage sheds and barns can provide you with your own space on your own property. You can use it to store excess household wares or to provide more room for your animals. But a man cave or she shed may be a welcomed addition, too. It even sounds like one would be fun and versatile.


A New Take on an Old Concept

Storage sheds and barns don’t have to be poorly built structures for holding all those things you no longer need but can’t part with. One refreshing trend involves creating new space for people. Sheds and outdoor storage units get you out of the clutter of your home and into a peaceful oasis of your very own.
A man cave or she shed moves you and your activities, interests, tools, memorabilia or collectables out of the house. When you create a separate place to go, it frees up much-needed space inside your home, as well. Everyone in the family wins, and you get your own space in the bargain.

The Sky’s the Limit

While wood sheds are naturally well suited for storing wood, it seems like a waste of potential. You now have budget-friendly options to make your personal space a reality. There’s no end to the possibilities. Aside from a man cave, there are other many innovative uses for the extra space that outdoor storage provides, such as:

• Yoga studio
• Loft space
• Home office
• Gardening shed

And that’s not all. A modular barn easily converts to protect vintage cars or motorcycles. And given the quality construction of these buildings, you can turn these storage sheds and barns into guest homes or vacation rentals. Or reimagine your wood shed as an artist’s studio.

Functional and Beneficial

Not only are these innovative ideas fun and functional, but they can also add value to your property. Extra space is a welcome enticement for any potential buyer. And many of the possibilities are especially desirable in today’s market, adding extra value to your investment.
The construction quality of new prefabricated storage sheds and barns may surprise you. You can choose from a variety of sizes and floorplans that fit your vision and your plans for the space. And their modular convenience ensures that they can be shipped to you anywhere in the Southeast. Buy or rent-to-own options include such features as:

• Sizes from 8×10 to 14×40 feet
• Lofts and gables available
• Raised floors
• Windows
• A/C and heat

More Than Outdoor Storage

When you rely on the Southeast’s most reliable provider of storage sheds and barns — Carolina Storage Solutions — your shed comes with choices:

• 10- or 50-year warranties on the siding
• Double doors
• Shingle or metal roof
• Pressure-treated skids and floor joists
• Many colors from which to choose

Forget everything you thought you knew about outdoor storage. These are not your grandparent’s old lean-to shanties. Today’s modern constructions exceed expectations of durability, aesthetics and curb appeal. And they can be customized and reimagined to fit your every need and specification. Order one today!