Storage Shed Envy

She bought a storage shed, had it delivered to her back yard, decorated it into a She Shed, and paid for it with a rent-to-own plan. Now she is having “girls night” every Friday with her friends and having so much fun that it’s finally happened to me. Jealousy. Not exactly over the girlfriends. Not exactly over their sangria and bonfires. I am filled She Shed envy. She got hers at Carolina Storage Solutions, and I think I should as well!

They are out there now, watching a chick flick. Alright, I admit, if it was my Man Cave, I’d be watching the game with the guys and having a cold one, instead. But still…she’s got a She Shed and all I’ve got is this old recliner that is so old it hasn’t sat straight in years.

She wanted to have a birthday cookout for me at her new She Shed, but I absolutely drew the line at that. She asked why I wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon in a brand new getaway that has a comfortable couch and doors that open to let in a cross breeze? (She talks like a poet.) It wouldn’t be so bad, I grumpily admitted to her, but secretly I knew that the problem was still there. Shed envy. It’s her special retreat, not mine. I’d feel like I was intruding. I really need my own place like hers.

I looked at my own back yard. It’s plenty big enough to hold a Man Cave. I think I’d get mine bigger than hers, just to one-up her. Yeah, and then we could have a little competition to see who can host the best backyard cookout. Hands down, it’ll be me because I’m the best grill chef in the South. I won’t challenge her on it, though, until she’s finished decorating my Man Cave, though. She won’t see that one coming, for sure! Summer is about to get competitive.

Carolina Storage Solutions has the biggest selection of storage sheds and storage barns (aka She Sheds, or in my case, Man Caves) in the Southeast, and that’s why they’ve delivered more than anyone else. I know a good deal when I see it, which is why I’m going to take advantage of their rent-to-own payment plan. It just makes sense to get a Man Cave without breaking the budget. I suggest you do the same!