A Storage Shed for Your Lawn Tools

Summer is gone and with it yard chores. You may have to rake leaves a few more times before winter really sets in, but now it’s time to clean and store your lawn tools for winter. If you don’t have a storage shed or barn, consider having one delivered to your back yard. You’ll love it.


You need a storage shed. You’ve spent a small fortune on lawn equipment. It only makes sense to keep it out of the weather. Hang tools such as rakes and shovels on the shed walls. It removes tripping hazards by keeping them off the floor, and frees up floor space for bigger things like the lawn mower.

Some people use a metal trash can to store long-handled tools. This is a good option if you have a barn-shaped shed, where the walls aren’t really tall enough for hanging tools.

Shelving is ideal for keeping small hand tools, garden/potting items organized. You can keep the lawnmower gas cans, water hoses and wheel barrow underneath the shelf, safely out of the way. Organization is a key factor of happiness, right?!

Cleaning and Maintenance. Before you put the tools in the shed, clean each one with soapy water. Use steel wool to remove rust, and then a rust inhibitor. If repairs are in order, such as that broken shovel handle, do them now. Sharpen cutting blades now, from the mower to shovels, so you’ll be ready to go come spring.

Gas-powered tools require extra attention. Clean them of built-up grass and dirt, including under the lawnmower deck and then wash with soap and water. If rust is an issue, handle that now as well. Generally speaking, you should drain and dispose the fuel and oil, as well as the old can of fuel/oil mix because it usually goes bad in a month or so. Fuel stabilizers are a good idea, as well as changing the air filter, and replacing the spark plug. These are general suggestions. We recommend you follow the owner’s manual advice for each piece of equipment for best results.

That’s about it. Fall maintenance is behind you. If you are throwing your money away every month renting a storage unit several miles from your home, you might want to consider buying a garden shed. If that makes sense, give us a call today or drop by Carolina Storage Solutions’ display yard for more information!