Garden Sheds: Time to Think About Spring

With spring approaching, your thoughts may turn to maintaining or upgrading your yard. One simple way to improve your yard is getting your own shed to store your gardening and lawn equipment. The size and type of sheds for garden tools depend on the size of your yard and how involved you get in its upkeep.


Consider choosing from prefabricated garden sheds. You can even rent to own a shed if you’re on a tight budget. Having a shed on your property isn’t just useful; it can add value to your home. Here are four reasons that garden sheds can make an attractive addition to your home:

1. More Storage. The most common reason for installing a shed is to add storage space. You can store gardening tools and materials in the garage, but having a garden shed frees up your garage for other items, like your car. Sheds for the garden are also closer to your yard, making it more convenient.

2. Safety and Cleanliness. Garden sheds are also desirable for improving the cleanliness and safety of your yard. Storing tools in your shed can prevent people and pets from accidentally injuring themselves. Keeping your tools in a shed also discourages thieves while encouraging you put them away when you’re done with them.

3. Increased Home Value. Garden sheds are worth purchasing because they can increase your home’s market value. Other potential homeowners may like the fact that a shed is already installed on the property. After all, they may want to store their own tools and equipment in it if they purchase your home.

4. Creating More Personal Space. Outdoor sheds can be used for a lot more than just storage. Use yours to create a room away from your home. Some creative ways to use a garden shed include converting it into a home office, creating an outdoor fitness room or building out a man cave for you or a she shed for the missus. Sheds can be used in many ways beyond storage, so consider purchasing prefabricated garden sheds and modifying them to suit your needs.

Where to Find Rent to Own Garden Sheds

Getting sheds for garden storage isn’t difficult. You can purchase prefabricated garden sheds or rent to own sheds of various sizes and styles. Just contact Carolina Storage Solutions and ask about your options.
Sheds come in many designs and sizes, from horse barns to garden sheds. What you get should fit your needs and your aesthetic. Determine how much space you have and where it will be located. Decide if you need an electrical connection. Then go for it!