Spring, Time to Organize Your Storage Sheds

It is time to break out of the winter blues and start some spring organizing! That also means sorting out your storage shed or storage barn. While many people focus on the inside of the house, they have to remember that the outside needs some spring TLC, too.


If you have a large yard or live in a rural area, you probably have a lot of tools for outside maintenance. When you keep them organized in one place, they are easy to find when you need them. Plus, keeping tools organized makes a safer work environment.
Bye-Bye, Clutter!

It is easy for things to pile up in your storage shed over the winter season. Sometimes, we get in a big hurry and just push the boxes of holiday decorations anywhere they will fit. A lot of other things that have no permanent place get tossed in the dark corners of the storage barn s. When you open the barn to see the springtime sun, you may be overwhelmed with an avalanche of clutter.

Take a day or two to completely de-clutter your storage shed s. Take everything out and sort it into piles: KEEP, RELOCATE, DONATE, RECYCLE, TRASH. De-clutter with a mission. Remove anything that does not belong in the shed and put it where it should be. If you have not used something in the last 6 months (excluding holiday stuff), you do not need it. What you cannot donate, sell, or recycle, pitch it in the dumpster. You can rent one big dumpster for your home spring cleaning and for your storage barn cleaning.
Get Organized

While you may have a handy set of smaller tools in your garage or in a utility room, your house is no place to store bigger lawn tools. A rent to own storage shed can keep all your tools locked up until you need them.

Consider lining your storage shed or barn walls with pegboard. It makes a quick job of getting your tools off the ground and organized. Some people take a bright permanent marker to draw and outline of the tool onto the peg board. It makes putting your tools away a cinch!

Some of the organizational hacks you use in your pantry can be used in your storage shed. Clear containers with lids are perfect for storing smaller items, like painting supplies or odd-sized tools. Keep nails, screws, and other small fasteners in glass jars for easy recognition. Always be sure to store hazardous materials (i.e. gasoline, diesel, mechanical fluids, gardening chemicals) in tightly closed containers that are not easily accessible to children or pets.

Do not spend this season wading through clutter and trying to find the tools you need. With some careful organization, you can get your yard work done and have the things put away quickly in a rent to own storage barn or storage shed. Now, you will have more time to spend with your family doing some fun things!