Giving with a Happy Heart

After a very wet and cold April, the call of the outdoors has never been stronger for most people in Western North Carolina. Springtime in the Blue Ridge Mountains turns the damp to dramatic as the landscape blossoms into a tide of green. Time to hit the trail!

If business at Carolina Storage Solutions is any indication, our friends in Hendersonville and Asheville NC are almost as excited about delivered rent to own Storage sheds as they are about the weather. As they prepare for an active riding season, they rely on their storage sheds, prefabricated barns and garages. And there’s even better weather ahead.

Celebrating 10 Years in Business

While your horses settle into their delivered rent to own barns, the team at Carolina Storage Solutions is happier than a stable of prized ponies. To celebrate 10 years in business, we’re holding an outstanding appreciation contest that features $10,000 in awards to the area’s worthiest causes.

It’s with a most happy and grateful heart that we offer this award to a select few of the many charitable organizations in Henderson County. We didn’t become the Southeast’s largest supplier of prefab horse barns, storage sheds and garages without the community’s support. So, to say thank you and to show our appreciation, we’re offering you a chance to participate in this giveaway.

You Can Win, Too

Carolina Storage Solutions is proud to recognize the community service that the Hendersonville Rescue Mission provides. As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, we’re honoring the work of that great organization with a $6,000 award.
Now it’s your turn to pick where the remaining $4,000 goes. Participate in the contest by sending in an email with your favorite local charity. When you do, you’re automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 gas card! Here’s how:

• Choose a recognized, documented charity in Henderson County and fill out the form. Click Here for Form
• Send only one entry per email.
• All entries must be received by May 11, 2018.
• The top five vote-getters make it to the final round. You can vote again in the final round. Look for the five finalists in our June blog, which you also can get by signing up for our monthly newsletter.
• The winning charity receives $4,000 from Carolina Storage Solutions.

Win, Win, Win

There’s no better feeling for a small business owner than being able to thrive in a place like Hendersonville and Asheville NC. And there’s no better way for a business to embrace its community than by sharing its prosperity.

Gratitude isn’t just a word at Carolina Storage Solutions, it’s a way of life that involves action. You win when you get to house your treasured horses in a top-quality delivered rent to own horse barn. Your family wins when your property is secure in a dependable storage shed. The community wins when the economics of the small business owner trickle throughout the community.

And the nonprofit community wins when we share our bounty. The recipients of the charities certainly win with the services and support they get. Their organization and the leaders feel cherished when we all contribute to the health and wealth of every individual that lives and works in our town.