How to Turn a Storage Building into Backyard Bliss with a She Shed

Move aside Man Cave. You’ve been outdone by the She Shed, and Carolina Storage Solutions delivers to the greater Asheville area! Ladies, it’s time you got yourself an updated version of the Man Cave. After all, they’ve had their manly hangouts for years. Isn’t it time you had a place to call your own? We’ve made a list of decorating ideas to help you get started and even offer rent-to-own services to help you do it on a budget.

  • Exterior colors and finishes can be customized with your order. If you are a DIY kind of gal, paint your shed and trim yourself.
  • Our decorator chose clean white for our model’s interior, in order to give the room an airy feel. From there, any color and decorating scheme matches.
  • Fabric on the walls is an easy DIY project. Choose backed cloth with bold patterns and use it as accent walls, not on all four walls. Combine cloth with one or two paint colors for the most impact.
  • Customizable windows (see above photo) should be part of the package deal. The paned windows give the building an appealing means of using natural lighting. Go with more windows, not less.
  • Decorative lighting, such as the floral twinkle lights above, add another layer of charm above the sheer curtains that soften incoming sunlight. In the center of the room, install a small chandelier.
  • Our decorator picked up furniture from a local consignment shop, so the quality was fantastic, and was a real bargain. Ditto the decorative touches. All the beauty at a fraction of the expense.
  • She rounded out the She Shed with a big, thick area rug. Go with bold rug designs, especially if the rest of the room is fairly understated.

We hope that these ideas help get your creative juices flowing. With our rent-to-own payment plans, owning your She Shed (or Man Cave) is affordable. Delivered to your back yard, setting it up is hassle free. Decorating it with your own personal style is going to be a lot of fun. The only thing left to do is come see our impressive line of display units to get started. You could have your own She Shed in no time! We serve the greater Asheville, NC area.