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    Customizing a Storage Shed into a Man Cave or She Shed

    2 min read
    Design your own Man Cave or She Shed to suit your personal style.

    Visit Our She Shed and Man Cave at the Mountain State Fair September 11-20, 2015!

    1 min read
    Carolina Storage Solutions is very proud to be able to bring a concept we lovingly call She Sheds to life. Beautiful, isn’t it? But She Shed...

    She Shed: The Ladies Need a Cool Place to Hang Out, Too!

    1 min read
    Step aside, Man Cave. Make room for today’s hottest trend in personal space, the She Shed! For years, men have had their domains of manly hi...

    Storage Sheds and Your Imagination!

    A super quick read.
    Storage Barns and Sheds. I hope you have been following our series of posts on “She-Shed” and it has triggered your imagination. We now have...

    Turn a Storage Shed in to an Affordable Home Office!

    1 min read
    Working from home: it’s one of our favorite American dreams. What wasn’t an obtainable goal a generation, or even ten years ago, now is an e...

    Handyman 101: Organize Him With a Storage Shed Man Cave!

    1 min read
    Most men in America have a little handyman in them. You know what we mean. They love to fix things around the house. Well okay, maybe love i...

    Father’s Day: Support His Woodworking Hobby

    1 min read
    Most men have at least one hobby, from playing sports (or just watching) to gardening or more artistic ventures such as woodworking. Hobbies...

    Storage Sheds: Father’s Day 101 Get His Stuff Organized

    1 min read
    Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. There’s no way all your husband’s or dad’s stuff can be organized. It already has taken over the entire ...

    For Father’s Day Give Dad His Personal Gym!

    1 min read
    A lot of men have work out benches, a rack of bar bells and other weight lifting equipment stored safely in the garage. In fact, with that t...

    Storage Solution: Changing Room for Poolside Fun

    1 min read
    These warmer days with the closing of spring make everyone long for the days of summer where you can have friends over for a little pool tim...